Married life

I think i just need to vent,
Any advice would be good but being tumblr ill take it all with a grain of salt.
So as some of you know im a married guy, who had the most amazing sex life with my wife. We tried everything, and as far as i knew both loved it! Slowly she has stopped all the good stuff and really limits just vanilla sex and it drives me nuts.
No blowjobs, no touching me, no new positions, no spicing it up.
I am one horny fucker and i still find her so incredibly attractive even after 3 kids.
I have put on a little weight from when we met but not enough to justify this treatment.
I bought her 7 sex toys for my birthday to spice things up and she wouldnt even touch them for 7 months.
I need this attention from her, whenever i bring it up she says she needed to please me when we first met and now we are married she doesnt, she also says that she has grown up out of that stage and i need to do the same. Even though im 6 years older than her.
Uuuugghhhh. I just need a good exciting root! Fuck.
Sorry for the whinge………..
Rant over.


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